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About the Program

The challenging competitive environment of today’s business world requires both the employees and managers to continuously improve themselves, as well as being innovative, and different for creating value for a higher performance of their businesses. In our MBA program which is designed for the professionals who aim to excel to management positions and strengthen the competitiveness of their company in local and global markets, important factors such as:
  • Market requirements under rapidly changing conditions
  • The impact of new technology and business areas on business life
  • The trends and developments which will shape the future
  • Complex economic, geographic and political equations
  • To position the individual and the company under these circumstances
are be focused in order to provide participants different skill sets, knowledge and perspectives of management.

Our MBA Programs are as follows:
  • MBA (English) (with thesis)
  • MBA (English) (non-thesis)
  • MBA (Turkish) (non-thesis)

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